Tim R. Morgan

Welcome to my webpage. Sorry for the dust—it’s still under construction.

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. We have a song 🎵.

Note: There are lots of people with my same name—even one or two who are programmers. But I'm not them, pretty sure.

Follow the hyperlinks below to find more about me:


I write code in Ruby, JavaScript, and Rust. You can see some of my more notable projects below (best viewed in Internet Explorer 6 or greater):

a church database and online directory
Bible API (bible-api.com)
free service for getting Bible verses and passages
tool for starting/stopping sidekiq and resque processes on a dev machine
DO Install Button
lets people install your app on their own Digital Ocean account


I love helping churches.

loose organization of people writing open source church software
Planning Center
company where I work
Cedar Ridge Christian Church
our church


My wife and I (mostly my wife though) homeschool our two wonderful children.

Classical Conversations
homeschool community for classical Christian education

Square Dancing

Our family loves square dancing.

Heel Cloppers
square dance club locator for my part of the country


I hate cats. But here is a picture of one:


Here's some other random stuff:

a weird thing I made
send me encrypted messages
where I talk about and sometimes teach people Ruby