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(_  _)(_  _)(  \/  )  (  \/  )(  _  )(  _ \ / __)  /__\  ( \( )
  )(   _)(_  )    (    )    (  )(_)(  )   /( (_-. /(__)\  )  (
 (__) (____)(_/\/\_)  (_/\/\_)(_____)(_)\_) \___/(__)(__)(_)\_)

Welcome to my page.

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. We have a song.

Note: There are lots of people with my same name—even one or two who are programmers. Don't settle for anything less.

Follow the links below to find more about me:

## Code

I write code in Ruby, JavaScript, and Rust. You can see some of my more notable projects below:

a church database and online directory
Bible API (bible-api.com)
free service for getting Bible verses and passages
tool for starting/stopping sidekiq and resque processes on a dev machine
DO Install Button
lets people install your app on their own Digital Ocean account

## Churches

I love helping churches.

loose organization of people writing open source church software
Planning Center
company where I work
Cedar Ridge Christian Church
our church

## Homeschool

My wife and I (mostly my wife though) homeschool our two wonderful children.

Classical Conversations
homeschool community for classical Christian education

## Square Dancing

Our family loves square dancing.

Heel Cloppers
square dance club locator for our part of the country

## Random

Here's some other random stuff:

Rubik's Cube Algorithms
an experimental page to show the algorithms I use
a weird thing I made
send me encrypted messages
where I talk about and sometimes teach people Ruby

## Contact

Email me: tim@timmrogan.org

There is a misspelling in the above address, which will keep out the spammers and most recruiters.